Hiding, May 20, 2013 Daily Reflection

Spencer is hiding

Our modern lives are filled with stress and a nagging need to find balance and relief. Yet 1 in every 10 American Catholics have left the church and only 22% attend weekly Mass. Atheism is on the rise and God’s name is being banned daily. We are grasping for peace, balance and relief yet somehow many of us have walked away from God. We have forgotten that God is still with us offering us what we sincerely desire.

Perhaps if we stopped buying into the million dollar industries that dangles these false gems before us and instead turn to God as we did when life was simple when we were children we may find the relief we seek. If we want true peace in this life as well as the next one then we need to stop hiding behind our overloaded To Do List and start seeking God.

One day when this life has ended each one of us will meet our maker face to face; in that moment will you recognize Him? It’s time to stop hiding and start seeking God.


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