Honor, February 6, 2018 Daily Reflection

My family on our ski vacation 2017

It is such an honor when I am complimented on my children. Anytime someone takes the time to tell me my children are polite, kind, hard workers, or faith filled, my heart is filled with honor and joy. I think the best part about being a mom is when all the hard work, consistency, discipline, and time result in a child who is kind, empathetic, hard – working, or faith filled. Parenting is a challenge at all ages. It seems overwhelming when they are little but as teenagers it’s a different type of overwhelming. I feel most at peace when I go to bed at night and all of my children are under my roof. I know they are healthy, safe, and loved. I feel fortunate to have the children I have in my life. When they come back from retreats they always say, “Mom, thanks for raising me right. I feel terrible hearing how bad other kids have it. I really have it so good!” My response is, “until we walk in another person’s shoes we will never know or understand their situation.”

The next time you see a child doing something good make sure to let that parent know. Too often in life parents do not get to see the good their child does in other settings. It is an honor to be told you have raised a fine human being.

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