How would you live? August 23, 2012 Daily Reflection

A dragonfly I spotted in the grass by a pond

There is a common myth that a dragonfly only lives for one day. After completing research on the dragonfly I found that myth to be false. Dragonflies live anywhere from 6 months to a few years. I also found that the common house fly only lives for 15-25 days. Can you imagine only having 6 months to a few years to live? How about 15-25 days? Would we live differently?

We as humans are so blessed by God to be created and given a life that is far superior to these flies. No predators are hunting us down around a pond. No humans are intent upon killing us with fly paper or a fly swatter. God gave us a much better existence. We also have so much more time to live our lives. We can do whatever we want with that time because God also granted us free will. We can squander the time collecting and hoarding material possessions and living a self absorbed existence or we can make more time by giving our lives to others and sharing what God has given so generously to us. It is our choice what we will do with our time.

If you could live any way you wanted to live but only had 15 days to do it how would you live your life?

Would you give away everything you have to others? Would you buy everything you ever wanted and charge it to a credit card because you would never have to pay it back? Would you spend your time with family and friends you care for and let them know how much you love them? Would you want to be alone pondering life?

Ideally how would you live if you only had 15 days on this earth?

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