In our sorrow, March 22, 2012 Daily Reflection

Cave Hill Cemetary

In our sorrow for the death of a loved one we grieve, cry and long to see them once more.  We want to hear their voice when we enter their house for the first time after the funeral. We forget when we first wake up in the morning that they have passed away. We long to be with them and missing them hurts the most. They are no longer with us in the flesh to tell their jokes, to listen to our stories, to hear their laughter, to give us hugs. Just because they are not with us physically in this world does not mean we should ever stop loving them. The love does not die.

The memories, the stories, the laughter, and the pictures they all serve as witness to this incredible love and that person’s existence here on this earth with us. They are buried; they are gone physically but not spiritually. That person has now transcended what we know as life and passed a threshold into an afterlife we can only imagine. If you are one who has faith in God, in goodness, in heaven and eternity then your heart will be at peace with losing this person to God. God in His infinite glory has told us that He has prepared a place for us in heaven. Human suffering ends when God reaches His hand to us and takes us across that threshold between life and eternal life. He suffers no more, she weeps no more, only goodness, light and the joy of being with God consumes his heart now.

The hurt, sadness and longing for that person will continue but take comfort in your faith. God has taken him to a better place. He will always be a part of who you are today. She helped to form you as a person. Their existence will not be forgotten if you keep it alive. Pray to them, ask for a sign and never let the love die because it’s not supposed to die. Your loved one is resting in the arms of Christ and rejoicing in the face of God. Be at peace for finally he is now.

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