It grows anyway, July 20 Daily Reflection

The weeds in the rocks

Those weeds should not be able to grow there in that rocky terrain with sand and trash beneath it. In this desolate and dirty place one should not see new life and vegetation growing. But there it grows and seems to be thriving regardless of its surroundings.

It never ceases to amaze me when I find growth, new life and faith in people I meet who have had to exist in a desolate, dirty wasteland of a past. I have meet people who have been through horrible abuse as a child and only been exposed to filth and cruelty who have somehow found tremendous faith in God.

One very good friend of mine witnessed more than her share of the filth of life, tragedy and mental abuse. No one ever talked about God to her as a child. But her grandmother took her to Church one time and that was all it took. From that point on she started to grow like that weed in that desolate place and believe. If she were that weed as a child in that picture you would now find an unmovable oak tree. She has a faith that can move mountains. She set an example years ago for me personally how to grow closer to God. She is the kindest, sweetest and most appreciative mom I have ever encountered and she did not have the fortune to have that as an example in her own life. She overcame obstacles, challenges and desolate times in her life and she surpassed them all.

You see my friends nothing is impossible with God.


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