It’s Not That Far Away, June 15, 2012 Daily Reflection

The Distance

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If we know that fact to be true then why don’t we internalize it? Why do we go crooked, backwards, sideways, up and down? Why when we know the right thing to do – the straight path- do we choose what we know is wrong?

We are human and flawed. We are self indulgent and selfish at times. We will never be perfect, we are not God. So why even try to be good at all? Do we try to follow that straight line to avoid negative consequences; punishment, failed relationships, loneliness, imprisonment? If the only reason we try to be good is to avoid the negative consequences we will never understand maturity of heart.

At some point in our lives we should find a way to live selflessly; to give for the good of giving, to be kind because it helps others, to live with goodness – “Godness” in our hearts.

The way to find that straight line is not that far away. You only need to open your heart to God and He will fill it. God has given you the ability to follow, not follow or even destroy the line. God leaves it up to you. If you open your hands, your heart and your life to the good – to God –  you will find a satisfaction that far outweighs any pleasure you have ever experienced.

Today consider the path you take. Is it crooked, straight, up, down, good or bad? What path do you want to follow? The choice is truly up to you. God’s goodness is not that far away.

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