Jiminy Cricket, September 21, 2011 Daily Reflection

Pinocchio & Jiminy cricket

A friend of mine was given this very antique Pinocchio statue as a gift years ago. Can you see Jiminy Cricket on his foot? Do you remember the story of Pinocchio? Most of us remember the part about his nose growing every time he told a lie but do you recall that Jiminy Cricket was there to be his conscience? Because Pinocchio was just a wooden boy he did not know right from wrong so the blue fairy gave him Jiminy Cricket as his guide.

Who is your Jiminy Cricket? In your life do you hear a voice deep within saying “Don’t do it or you will regret it later”? Do you ever experience the feeling in the pit of your stomach that tells you to walk away from a bad situation? Most of us were blessed with good parents or at least one to raise us and to teach us right from wrong. However, as we age we are no longer punished for our foolish choices and words. Of course there are laws that are enforced but the truly common choices that can hurt others are not protected by the law. When we gossip about others, cheat and take the easy way out or hurt ourselves with our lifestyle choices the law doesn’t stop us. That’s when our conscience needs to nudge us in the right and good direction. But how often do we ignore that nudge?

Our society is very materialistic and me oriented which goes against our conscience. We fight temptation daily to be good people and many times we fail and just give in. The good news is each day we have the opportunity to do what is right; to right wrongs, to share what we have, to be kind, to love others and to be good. No matter how bad you have been you can start being good this very moment and never look back.

Today, exam your conscience and reflect on what temptations seem to have a grasp on your life and figure out a way to shake them loose. Think about who you want to be, listen to your conscience and take steps towards being that person today. All it takes is listening and then following through with what your conscience is trying to tell you.

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