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Just a few of my journals over the years

Just a few of my journals over the years

One of my students told me the other day, “Ms. HD, your tomb stone is going to say, “Do your journals.” My students know that the first thing they will be asked to do when they enter my classroom is to write in their journal. The journal question for the day is a way to introduce the lesson for the day. It is a private opinion based question. I am the only one that reads it. It is also a way to challenge them to use critical thinking skills as well as writing skills. It drives them crazy because they write so much in my classroom.

I believe in keeping a journal. I have kept one daily for over 25 years since I was in high school. I write about 10-15 lines each night about my day. On special days I write more, or frustrating days lots more. On the days when my children were born I have 3 pages in the back with the details of their birth stories. Each year on their birthday I read their birth story to them from my journal.

Looking back and reading my journals from over the years takes me back to that place in time. In high school I think to myself, what was I thinking? In college I can read about how I fell in love with my husband. I can read about every job I ever held and my relationships with everyone. At the end of each journal I write about 5 pages to summarize that year and my relationships.

At the end of the school year I buy journals for each of my seniors. I write them 3-5 pages about the characteristics I think are the most special and priceless about them. I wish them well and write a prayer for them. I encourage them to use the journal their first year of college and hopefully for a lifetime.

If you have never kept a journal I would like to encourage you to do so. At the end of each day it is a good way to put my thoughts to rest and bring closure to that day. I have ended every entry for 25 years by asking God to be with me and my family always. I pray that you give yourself the opportunity to do the same. Today, consider starting a journal. You will not regret the decision!

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