Just Ask Nicely, June 16, 2015 Daily Reflection

question markThe younger generation has been accused, accurately at times, for having a sense of self entitlement. They don’t always ask nicely for things, instead they expect things to just be given to them. I have taught many exceptionally kind students who rarely think to say, “May I please borrow an eraser?” instead they say, “Do you have an eraser?” They just don’t understand how to ask nicely.

Yesterday I spent a great deal of time on the phone trying to arrange for my oldest son to do some job shadowing. He wants to get an idea of what type of career he may be interested in. In this day an age you need an idea of the career so you can choose the right college. Anyway, I called a few large local companies to set this up. Do you know how difficult it is to actually talk to a real person when calling large companies? You probably do! Well, I ended up talking to a person in Canada! Because I was kind to him and asked nicely he helped me figure out who to call locally. If I had just demanded the information or had an air of self entitlement about me I doubt he would have been so willing to help me. I believe that asking for help is humbling and says to the other person that they are needed. In my experience the other person always responds with kindness.

Do you ask people kindly for their help? Do we ask God kindly for his help or do we just demand it? How do we pray? Do we say, “God could you please help me. I know I am not worthy but I need your help.” Or do we say, “God are you going to help me with this or not?” In every part of your life ask kindly and I believe the response will be much better every time!

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