Keith Jones, September 28, 2011 Daily Reflection



In our lives we are lucky if we get to encounter people who inspire us; people whose words ignite a fire in our souls to move us to great action. I am so blessed to know Keith Jones. He is just an ordinary every day man with a 9-5 job, two grown children, a beautiful wife and a normal family. So what makes Keith so inspirational? Is it all the hardship he has witnessed losing his mom at a young age or his father and two brothers when he got older? No, but they helped to shape the person he has grown into. Is it the cancer that he was diagnosed with 8 months ago? No, but that has taught him how to grow and given him more people to love and moved him closer to God.

The reason Keith Jones is such an inspirational person is because he embraces the simple fact that he is a gift from God. He knows that God works through him and instead of getting in the way of the Holy Spirit he opens his heart, his soul and his life to God’s work. Keith speaks the message of Jesus Christ, respecting and loving every person he meets. Keith embraces everyone’s hands and hearts by loving them more than anyone thinks possible. Keith is a vessel for God to work through on a daily basis. Keith has surrendered his life to God and lets God fill him up daily.

Keith’s energy, enthusiasm, spirit and kindness not only portray the love of God he exudes the love of God just by smiling, speaking, living, breathing and giving all his has to give to everyone around him. Keith Jones is a child of God.

We are all children of God, gifts given to this world for a special purpose. Today, put down the distractions that distance you from God and let God work through your life.


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