Kings Island in the rain, August 15, 2013 Daily Reflection

Kings Island in the rain

It was raining the day we went to Kings Island but we didn’t care. We were excited to be at the amusement park. We actually took advantage of the weather. The lines were shorter and we were able to ride more coasters because the weather kept many people from going that day. We ran around from coaster to coaster with joy and when it rained we waited and it cleared out. Our children could have complained that they were wet and miserable but they didn’t. They choose to have a fun time without the sunshine.

It’s all about our attitudes. The world is the way it is and we can’t control many situations that are bigger than us. However, what we can change is the way we react to the world with our attitude. We can choose to be happy or miserable. It’s like Jake said to me today “Mom, I can predict the future. Because I can decide what I want to do.” We all get to make choices in every moment. Our attitude is a choice we make daily. What attitude do you choose most often? The choice is yours.

It can be raining outside but you can still have a great time at Kings Island anyway.

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