Answers Within, May 11, 2018 Daily Reflection

Mary gave birth to the son of God

So, I now realize what we all have searched for, longed for, and desired all our lives has been given to each of us at birth.
Yet, we search and search that person, place, or thing that will give us worth. Our lives are spent trying to fill this emptiness outside of ourselves.
Yet, the quiet empty place can only be filled with love for yourself, integrating all the hurt, pain, confusion, joy, intimacy, fear, and anger into self. In that acceptance of each and every part of you no longer hated, hidden or shamed a whole you is allowed to emerge with unconditional love for you. Beneath and within that love you will find it in the small empty space, the divine. God created your life and mine and left a piece of him inside. One cannot feel that divine without loving the self fully. When love is there the divine is felt and so too what we desire to rest in God forever.
But it doesn’t end there. We must attend and befriend every part of us that makes us whole daily on this journey of life. The work doesn’t end but understanding the path makes the struggle worth the effort and the energy.
So explore yourself each part of you none should be eliminated all are a part of you. Embrace and love each part and you will feel the love of God. This embrace also has the consequence of living compassion for others in turn shining the light on the divine within each of them.
We have held the answer from our creation and could not see. Like scales being lifted we can see more fully now.

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