Leader, July 23, 2015 Daily Reflection

My boys

My boys

There are leaders and there are followers. However, any really good leader knows that you have to be a good follower to be an efficient leader. It takes time, experience, and concern to be a leader. I am a leader as a mom and a teacher. My children and my students look to me to guide them in their lives and faith. I take that responsiblity very seriously. I want to live the life that I am teaching them to live. Guiding others is not always easy, we all make mistakes and wish we could do or say things over at times. It’s good to realize even the major mistakes, when we own them, become some of the most meaningful lessons in life.

How do you lead? Who are you guiding in life? If you are not a parent I feel sure there are other people in your life, community, or workplace that are watching you set an example with your actions. If this is true what are your actions teaching them and in what direction are you guiding them? Many people think that it’s all about “me” and they can live their life in whatever manner they please, after all its a free world. Everyone needs to wake up and realize your actions and life will always have an affect on others regardless of your intentions.

Today, take a moment to think about who you lead or guide, intentionally or not, and how you are guiding them.

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