Little Women, December 9, 2016 Daily Reflection

relaxingI finished listened to Anthem, that was a crazy good book! Now, I am in the middle of a classic; Little Women. This book is precious. I am so drawn to the art of excellent storytelling. I appreciate the girl’s poverty and the mother who is teaching them that poverty breeds humility. The mom truly tells that regardless of ¬†your material possessions you should not change how Christian you are to one another. She is constantly teaching her daughters the art of a grateful heart. That each child should appreciate all that they were given by God. The words of the story bring comfort to my hearing and the values and morals taught warm my soul. I would rather listen to my stories than the news, that is for sure.

Today, consider whether you believe gratitude can change your perspective in this life. If so, how can it make a lasting affect on your life?

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