Mom Can I… May 6 Daily Reflection

Jake climbing through the back of the van

“Mommy can I climb through the back?” asked Jake my 5 year old

 “Sure, you can have fun!” was my reply.

 When you were growing up how many times did your parents keep you from doing things that were harmless for no obvious reason at all? Is there anything that you let your children do because you wished so badly to do it as a child but never could? I have a list in my head. I let them climb through the back of the car and look at books in bed with the lights on. As children we think “Why can’t I?” As adults we have to find a reason or just let them do it. My husband is very good at saying “That’s not a big deal!”

 I try to make sure they balance life. It’s not just about the rules, discipline and obedience. It’s also about having fun as a child, falling down, getting back up again and having new experiences. Next time your child asks you “Mom can I…” really think to yourself, will it hurt him, will it hurt someone else, would it be fun and is it ok. Then let your child have fun and have new experiences to grow and learn from. As parents we should let them grow not control them for the sake of control.

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