My Birthday – A Time of Thanks – December 1, 2011 Daily Reflection

6 of my blessings

Six of my most incredible blessings ever: my four children, my husband and the gift of time spent at the ocean!

God has given me life for 38 years today. In that time God has blessed me with so many caring, loving, guiding, and nurturing individuals. I have been loved, parented, befriended, advised, taught and guided in my life. I have had my trials, illness, unkind words, cruel actions and unfriendly people on my journey. God has been with me every step of my life. He made himself known to me when I was just a child and has never left my side. Each day I grow closer to Him and more open to doing His will. I have been blessed with inspirational friends, kind teachers, an open and loving faith community, a family that has shown me unconditional love all of my life, a spouse who is my soul mate and children that could only be gifts straight from heaven to my heart. I thank God and all those people who have crossed my path in this life the good and the bad for you both made me who I am today.

Today on my birthday I must give the praise and glory to the one who gave me everything; Thank you God for giving me life, love and a purpose to live each and every day.


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