My Letter, November 22 Daily Reflection

My letter from Anna & my children

The picture you see above is the nicest note I have ever received in my life as a mom!

 After school one day last week my 9 year old daughter came running to get me saying “Mommy, the mail man came back to our house and dropped off something!!”  I replied, “Do you mind getting it for me?” I was thinking to myself maybe FedEx dropped off a package or my daughter was confused because we had already taken the mail out of the mailbox on our walk home from school.  My daughter surrounded by her brothers darted down the driveway in pursuit of the mailbox. As they all raced into the house she put the envelope in my hands and ran to another room. I looked at the envelope and saw that she wrote my name and they put a sticker where a stamp should be. It was obviously from my daughter or children.  I thought this will be cute. Then I read it and this is what it said:

Dear Mommy,

Thank You for a house, a great school, a loving family, and the list goes on. You have taken care of us from the day we were born and even before. And we just want to say thank you for being the best mom ever.

From your kids

All my children signed it themselves and drew a picture that they knew I would like. Tears were streaming down my face. I grabbed them one by one and hugged them tight. I couldn’t stop saying Thank you; this is all a mom ever really wants. This is a thankless job and you just thanked me for it without someone asking you to do it. This was not a class assignment, no teacher or parent prompted my daughter to write such a letter. In fact what prompted the letter was because she has seen me writing thank you notes to others for the past month. We have talked about it and she also loves the way it makes others feel.

I called my husband in tears and read it to him. I called my Dad and read it to him. My mood was so lifted by this letter that I even woke them with hugs and kisses the next morning. After I walked them to school I went straight to the store and bought a beautiful frame for the letter. I showed the check out girl and took it with me to a meeting that very afternoon. When I picked my kids up from school I had it sitting on the counter where everyone would read it. All the kids I babysat read the touching letter. When my husband came home he hung it on the dining room wall for me. It is one of the most precious gifts I will ever receive because it was written with pure love and gratitude from the heart of my children.


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