New Year’s Day is like…January 1, 2012 New Year Reflection


New Year’s Day is like the setting of the sun on another day. Another year has passed and we should look back and ponder what did I do with this past year? Who did I help? Who did I love? Who did I lose and who did I gain? If I met my maker today what would I say when He asks the question “What did you do with the gift of life I have given you?” What will my answer be? Did I try to live out my purpose this year? Did I grow? Did I learn? Did I teach?


New Year’s Day is like the breaking of the dawn on a new day. Another chance has been offered to you freely and without expectation. A new year has been granted to you this day. After reviewing the old days now you can learn and live a new day. Today is a day for endless possibilities; new thoughts, ideas, and adventures. It is a time for pondering how you will love more deeply, who you want to help more often, how you will spend your time and how you want to grow this year. Your maker has granted you the gift of life once more, freely; what will you do with the most precious gift of life, your life, this year?

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