Obituaries, September 1, 2011 Daily Reflection


Obituaries: are defined as the death announcements with a brief biography of the deceased.

As I read through the obituaries, which is a rare occurrence for me, I noticed first the ages of the deceased; 93, 85, 90, 78, 57 and 29. Then my eyes were drawn to the 2nd line he worked at, she retired from… Initially it made me think is that really the most important item to list in that person’s biography. Then I realized it is written so people who worked there can tell others and pay their respects. As I read further most talked only of who was left behind and there was little to no trace of that person’s real life. There were a few who truly wrote a testament to their father or brother’s life but just a few. It led me to think is this all we are, do our lives just come down to 20 lines on a newspaper that will be recycled tomorrow? Are we just an age, a place of employment, part of a family or are we so much more than those 20 lines?

When I define myself as a person the phrase faith filled mom comes first and proud, then wife, daughter, sister, writer, retreat leader and child of God. I am not famous or extraordinary at all, I am like most people just trying to make it, trying to raise children right, being kind to others and trying to follow the path God wants me to walk. Will mine state age 93, 88, 75 or 42, retired from being a mom, survived by an awesome family, a woman who loved God, others and writing? Will it be enough?

Does it really matter what it says? Maybe all that matters is how we live our lives and not what is said in those 20 lines. Life is the living not the dying. I do know this we must live it to the fullest however, wherever God calls us to live it. If we love unconditionally we will follow God.

What will yours say? Will it define you as a person? Will it represent how you lived your life?

Love unconditionally, enjoy living, give constantly, seek your purpose and live your life to the fullest! If you do all of that who cares what your obit says you will be with God at that point anyway!

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