One Penny, One Wish, April 12 Daily Reflection

Jake about to make a wish

One penny, one wish, what will it be? Jake stood there deep in thought for a six year old boy. How much weight does that one penny, that one wish carry? Then he flipped it in with all the other wishes of all the other children who had visited that particular wishing place.  With his single cent went his hope and dream and possibility of a wish coming true.

Do you toss pennies into the wishing well of your life? Do you stand before the pond of possibilities and think deeply before you make your wish? Or was this an action you only took as a child? When you were wide eyed, innocent and open to the opportunity of wishes coming true?

Before Jake took the penny, I told him you can make a wish but a prayer will work better! But make your wish anyway. What is a wish anyway? A wish is defined as a desire for something. We all have wishes in our lives, desires, hopes and dreams. Do we stand at the wishing well and throw the penny or do we work hard and try to attain those desires? Are the wishes we have practical or are they just dreams to entertain our minds? Wishes are good. It is good to think outside your little world and make a wish. However, as I told Jake if you really want something to happen praying works much better. Working diligently towards a dream is the best way to make your wish come true.

Today, take a penny out of your pocket and look at it for awhile. Think about a wish you have right now. Do you have hope of your wish coming true? Are you working towards this wish? Have you prayed to God to help you to get there?

One penny, one wish, what will it be?

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