One Word, February 23 Daily Reflection

The plane ride

No first class dining with lots of leg room to stretch out ones weary legs, regular seating among the people. Three strangers sit in silence each in their own world yet in each other’s; one with a magazine, one with her thoughts and one writing with the furry of her fingers upon her little phone. Only inches from each other physically but miles of separation are they. There is no common bond but gender and the seating; all of us going to different places in the same plane, yes all to the same physical destination yet who knows where they each have come from or plan to truly go. We sit gazing out the window, flipping through the magazine, eyes fluttering shut and sleeping. Together within inches by lives divided.

One word is all it takes to start the search into another person’s soul. There you will find more than you could ever imagine, stories of lost love, pursuing a career or adversity. Everyone has a story, as boring or old as your story might seem to you because you have lived it, it is quite something else to another. Taking the time to listen to another person’s story may lead you to wisdom and insight for your own life.

However, for the person who tells the story you have just given them the opportunity for growth. By asking to hear it, by listening to their journey you have just validated that person’s importance. You have just said I think you are important enough to listen to, your words matter to me. Listen well when you ask, for God often leads us down many varied paths for a reason. The story you may hear today may lead you on your personal journey somewhere down the road of life.

So the next time you have the opportunity stop and say that one word that gives you a welcome grin and the story of  another.  If you take that chance then the three lives divided can be shared in the common bond of humanity, friendship and growth.

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