Ordinary Moments, March 8, 2018 Daily Reflection

ordinary day with Jake

Every moment in time helps to form who you are as a person. Yet, we can’t retain every moment we have spent. Our mind holds on to heightened emotions. The extremes we usually remember because they become scars or extreme joy. However, the majority of our lives are spent in ordinary moments. Just because we cannot recall the moment does not mean that the ordinary was not important. On the contrary, ordinary moments help us to determine rituals, routine, and structure, they give us a sense of security and comfort. This place of comfort, even if it is dull sometimes, is what we tend to strive for in this life. We want to be content. As much as we say we want to shake things up we don’t want to shake it too hard or too long and truly change.

Those ordinary moments may be forgotten but they really form who we are. Today, try to be mindful of the ordinary and notice your thoughts and feelings surrounding it.


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