Reverence, February 8, 2018 Daily Reflection

St. Angela

I have been learning about St. Angela Merici she founded the Ursulines. It was named after St. Ursula. Sacred Heart Academy is part of the Ursuline’s campus. The Ursuline sister’s founded Sacred Heart. I have been reading and researching the life and ideas of St. Angela Merici. She has many core values but the four that are central to the life of the Louisville Ursuline’s are community, reverence, service, and leadership. Each grade level concentrates on one of the core values.

Yesterday, I wrote a new sophomore retreat based on the core value of reverence. Reverence is the respect and value we place upon others because they have human dignity. All of us were created in the image of God. There will be many activities that help the students to see others from a new perspective. If we look at others as “other” it is too difficult to identify with them. We must find a way to see the divinity and the goodness in their souls. Each person is a creation of God and because of that fact alone they deserve our respect, good will, and love.

Consider a person that has been driving you crazy lately. It may be taxing, but attempt to discover the most human part about that person. Now, think about that person as an infant, created by God. Allow yourself to realize that person is a creation of God and allow yourself to respect and want the best for that person. Give that person your respect and reverence. It is what God calls us to do through saints like Angela Merici.

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