In the Open Hands of Our Children, May 3 Daily Reflection

Jake holding some pedals that fell from a flowering tree

In the open hands of our children may we as parents find the unconditional love we seek in all relationships of our lives? We look to so many things to fill us up and complete us. Things will never be able to fill that void. All of us at some point in our existence must begin the search and many of us end the search addicted to something or someone and are nowhere close to where we wanted to be.

Ultimately what we all seek is unconditional love. We love that feeling of infatuation that surrounds falling in love, it is so intoxicating but it is a fleeting feeling. We treasure experiencing different opportunities for growth in our life that give us an idea of a direction we should follow but those are only the stepping stones. What we seek is to be filled with not just a feeling of being loved but truly being loved unconditionally and accepting that love without condition.

Our children give us that opportunity when they are little to experience that deep love but we have to accept it openly and lovingly. So many of us do not feel worthy of this innocent and pure love but each one of us is worthy of love no matter what past we have or what wrong doings we have done. Maybe God gives us the love of our children as a glimpse of the unending love He has for each of us. We witness God’s love in our children’s open hands ready to embrace us daily, in their joyful laughter and sweet sticky jelly kisses. Let your children love you and love them back for the more we open our hearts to love the closer we come to God and being filled by His Unconditional Love.

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