Our Expectations, July 31, 2015 Daily Reflection

My daughter taking guitar lessons

My daughter taking guitar lessons

We all have expectations in life. Sometimes we make the expectations so high that nothing can ever satisfy them. Other times we expect so little that we are both suprised and pleased with the outcome.

Many times our past experiences help form our expectations. My daughter has taken piano lessons for three years. She remembers how difficult it was when she started. She had no prior experience playing an instrument and at first thought the task was a bit daunting. Over time, lessons, and practice she has become a skilled pianist.

Her newest conquest is the guitar. She has wanted to play for a long time. Apparently learning to play guitar is much more difficult than piano. After the first lesson she commented how difficult it was, but that since she took piano she knows what to expect. She has completed three lessons and truly enjoys the lessons as well as the limited ability she has to play thus far. She knows that if she is patient, and determined she will become proficient at this skill as well. Her expectations are aiding her in accomplishing this.

How often do we base our expectations on past events? Much of our past forms our future. Take lessons from your past to help you know what to expect in the future and the challenges you can embrace.

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