Human Checkers, June 28 Daily Reflection

Human Checkers

My children and the children I babysit have become so intrigued with checkers that when they saw this checkered floor they wanted to play human checkers. They faced off against each other moving from square to square cautiously weighing each move and the consequence it might have in the game. Trying to jump someone, advance on the board, become king and take all of the other’s checkers and ultimately winning the game.

As adults we play human checkers daily. Who among us doesn’t weigh the choices we make daily or do we all live on autopilot and survive by the choices we made years ago? Where in our lives do we jump over other people to knock them out of the game so that we may advance more quickly? We think of course “its part of the game”, “its just business”. Where in our lives do we try to become king of our own kingdom becoming the person that is the most important one of the game? How often do we try to take other’s checkers by having others cater to our needs instead of the other way around? Are we trying to give our checkers away to those who need to advance or do we just hoard more checkers for ourselves and say we earned it?  Do we claim “That’s just life” feel sorry for the loser but gloat with happiness that we have won the game and want to play again and again so that we may always reign as the champion no matter what the cost to the “loser”?

We all play human checkers different from the next person. When we play the game with the love of God and selflessness it looks so very different. Instead of hoarding all the checkers and wanting even more we are willing to give our checkers away. When we have the opportunity to jump someone and knock them out the game fair and square, we choose instead to lift them up and help them out. When we can become King we give that honor to God and instead kneel to pray in thanksgiving for what He has given us not what we have gained alone. When we play the game with the love of God the goal is no longer winning but loving selflessly. How will you choose to play the game in your life?

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