Seasons of Life, July 11, 2017 Daily Reflection

There is a time for every season. Our lives have endless seasons. Seasons of discovery and growth. Seasons of mourning and sadness. Seasons of acceptance and understanding. Seasons of steadfast determination and belief. Seasons of life and birth. Seasons of letting go and saying goodbye. Seasons of longing and searching. Seasons of contentment and gratitude. In every season of life God is there. We may not realize it or always feel the presence in those difficult moments but God is never out of our season.

I believe I am in a season of change, growth, and discovery. My children are growing and exploring new seasons, my oldest is about to start college and is exploring careers, my middle two will both be in high school this year and my youngest is in the most comfortable stage of life (because this is the 4th time I have experienced it). When my oldest started high school I started teaching for the first time. Now, that he is about to start college I will be starting a spiritual direction internship, another ministry that God has led me to. The anticipation of this new start is exciting and empowering in my life. Changes can be frightening and the growing pains hurt but the journey when you give it over to God can be the ride of a lifetime.

What season of life are you in?

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