Pain, November 28, 2017 Daily Reflection

Jesus on the Cross

We have all experienced pain; emotional, physical, or mental at some point in our lives. It seems that pain is unavoidable for all humanity. Yesterday, I experienced a horrible migraine headache. The medicine didn’t stop it, a failed nap, being in a dark room, holding pressure on the area, eating food, meditation, and prayer did not stop it. Yet, I prayed to relax and allow the oxygen to flow through my body to bring relief. Feeling the pain instinctively makes me call on God. Then I think about the pain that Jesus Christ endured on that cross and how my pain could only be a fraction of what he must have experienced. I feel slightly guilty for complaining about my pain but pain is pain. Pain in the moment seems inescapable and out of our control. I suppose succumbing to it and allowing it to wash over me is better than fighting it but it still hurts and I hate to hurt. We all hate to hurt, to suffer, or to be in any amount of pain. The pain is still there and so I will do the only thing I can with it, suffer through it, pray, and attempt to offer it up for the suffering of others.
How do you deal with pain?

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