Ponder, December 27, 2017 Daily Reflection


It’s a two sided coin, who am I and whose am I?

Who do I belong to? In that is there complete freedom and free will? If God created us with purpose in mind is that predestination, hopeful thinking, or just creation? Is the purpose of our lives carved into stone before our creation? Was our name written in the book of life with a dash and our life’s purpose beside it? Were we just created to love? God is in need of nothing to complete God however, God longs for our unconditional love that comes from a choice we make not a mandatory command we must meet to obtain a goal of self actualization.

We were not created for conformity but for creativity. Conformity crushes creativity. We must dig deep within under the hundreds of layers of “I” to search out and get to know the true and original “I”. There must be conformity to a moral standard of respect and preservation and love for other but beyond that we must review and reflect on life to discover the journey, discovery, and love.

We must not shrug off all the layers and reject them they too have formed our identity today. We must look long and hard to clearly see the layers of pain, and humiliation. But those moments of grief have also become a part of the integrated whole. We cannot cut out every scar, emotional damage, or negative experience. The ones I hate are still a part of me that protect me from that situation. The hardest part is facing every layer, understanding it’s reason for existing and accepting its very existence. It takes in depth reflection and a lifetime of compassion towards self to piece the self together. As this occurs truths will be revealed both positive and negative that will lead us to seeking out or recognizing life’s purpose. It is not a goal that has one end point but a process that takes a lifetime. It is ongoing and daunting but uplifting and empowering as well.

Who am I, whose am I, self-identity, it never stops.


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