Rearview Mirror, September 2 Daily Reflection

Rearview Mirror

We are constantly driving forward yet if we don’t use our rearview mirror we are likely to be in an accident that will stop us for some time. So we look back and we look forward so that we might proceed in this life to head towards the next one.

It would be so much more convenient to just look straight ahead constantly in our lives. However, if we fail to learn from our past how will we progress and mature to our future? In high school a very wise woman told me “Lori if you don’t grow you will die. Things must change to live.” Our past has formed us to be who we are today, for better or worse we survived it and keep on moving. Take from it all the lessons learned and apply them to the future and the experiences will not be for nothing.

We are surrounded by little deaths and little births daily. In the picture above I am leaving the cemetery, leaving behind grave stones yet drive towards new ones. We die daily to our wants as moms, we give selflessly to our children and our families. We also experience little births of life when we see a little of the love we gave to our children bursting from them when they help their brother without being told to do so. Our lives are full of constant growth and accepting all the changes that occur will ease the growing pains.

So use your rearview mirror to learn from the past but don’t get stuck there keep driving towards your future. Accept the deaths and find joy in the births of this life so that you may continue the journey forward.

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