The First Faith Filled Mom Retreat, January 25 Daily Reflection

Our Retreat

The flowers have faded, the table clothes have been sent to the dry cleaners and the chairs have all been folded and stored away but the laughter, tears and voices from that day will forever live in my memory. We gathered in a beautiful restored Church to be filled with the spirit, to relax and to connect with other moms. New friendships were formed, sage advice was given by the older moms while eager younger moms listened intently laughter and joy was a constant. It was a day of rest and restoration of our call as moms to the vocation of motherhood, a day of nurturing those moms who took the time to retreat and treat themselves to a fulfilling day away from the hectic world that presses in on them daily. The scenes from the beautiful windows revealed the new fallen snow on the fields surrounding the little church and the geese were walking about as the deer were grazing in the clearing. God painted a perfect picture outside our windows and filled our day with love and friendship. Our first Faith Filled Mom Retreat was more than a success it was a beginning for many moms to understand that this “job” of motherhood is a call from God and the journey will last a lifetime changing daily but never ending. Each mom left with a different experience, new ideas, and memories of relaxation and a refreshing feeling of being renewed and thanked for being a mom.

We have only just begun the journey more retreats span before us and more moms can be touched by this simple short and meaningful day but they have to be willing to make the time in their lives to make it happen. If you are a mom that is too busy to attend then this retreat is just for you. I know I am that mom and I created the retreat. For all of you who sent your prayers to us on the retreat I thank you, for all of you who want to be involved in the next one, it is worth the time!


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