Regret, July 14 Daily Reflection

Spencer with regret

Regret: distress over a desire unfulfilled or an action performed or not performed.

We humans fight this state of mind constantly. We would love to walk away from our experiences saying “No regrets”. However, we tend to walk away saying “What have I done? What could I have done differently? Why on earth did those words escape my lips? What was I thinking?” All too often we regret.

Each moment in time is a gift from God to live to the fullest. As humans we are so very flawed. We have the desire to be good and do the right thing and then we get in the way with our other desires; “I had to be honest. That’s what I really wanted. I was too uncomfortable to do the right thing. What would you have done?” For some  unknown reason the majority of us are very unforgiving; especially when it comes to asking for forgiveness from others, God and ourselves.

As a Catholic woman one the best aspects of my religion is Reconciliation. I completely believe in this sacrament. God is present through the priest. I confess my sins but that’s not all. I ask the priest how he believes I can break whatever sinful habit I have at that time. I have found a compassionate, insightful and very kind priest whom I go to for Reconciliation. The first part is about admitting my sins; the second is how to change them, almost like counseling and the third is absolution, when God absolves me of those sins and regrets. When I walk out of that room I feel as though I have left my regrets behind and I have hope that I will proceed with more intention to do God’s will.

As humans we will constantly find our hand on her forehead with regret but if we try to ask for forgiveness and change one regret at a time by changing bad habits we can live more fully the gift of this life. Today, think of some of your regrets. What can you change? What can you ask for forgiveness? What can you just let go by forgiving yourself? Today, do it and let those regrets go that are blocking you from living.


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