Our Roots, May 3, 2016 Daily Reflection



The roots of a tree keep it in place. They carry the nutrients and carbohydrates to the tree to nourish and help develop it over time. Without the roots the tree would not be steady, or have the ability to grow or flourish. Yet, most of the time the roots are so far below the surface of the tree that they are rarely as noticeable as these roots.

We all have roots to our existence. We were put into this place by our creator, God. God gave us to those who raised us and continuously nourished us not only with food, water, and shelter but also with the necessities of life; love, acceptance, self esteem, safety, and a healthy understanding of this world. Those roots who aided our growth and development, seem to be the deepest roots who don’t mind being hidden below the tree, anything they can do to strengthen the tree for a lifetime they will do.

Are the roots of your life your parents, family, and your faith? What nutrients have they given you to allow you to grow and mature? Are you the roots in another person’s life? Whose life have you nurtured? Today, consider thanking your roots for who you are today.

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