Separation, March 6, 2012 Daily Reflection

Ultrasound Picture

The Separation begins at conception. You see as a mother you are the carrier of another life. Your egg from your body helped to create this tiny being but God graced that child with life. The baby is not yours she belongs to God. God entrusts us with his well being and care for his life. The egg was yours but the life is not.

As mom we are graced with a vocation of motherhood. If we choose to say yes and keep this baby and care for her needs then we are moms. Everything we do with our body during those precious nine months effects him, all that we eat, all that we do not eat, all the exercise, stress and relaxation will form him. When the birth occurs and she is given life outside of the womb and that umbilical cord is cut another degree of separation begins. He is vulnerable and completely dependent upon those who love him. She is waiting to be loved. She does not belong to the mom or the dad, she belongs to God. But God needs our hands to care for her, mom’s body to keep her warm, dad’s hands to hold her and love her. We have been given a precious gift on loan from God and no one knows for how long. Sometimes it is until our own demise other times it is only for a few brief years. We must cherish this time, nurture and love this human being for God.

All that we do for a lifetime especially in the formative years will influence her future.  The separation continues the first day of school when she cries for you and you must walk away and leave part of your heart behind, when she walks down that aisle to her new husband, when she moves to a new distant city and has your grandbaby there. No matter how constant the separation the bond when a mom decides to accept the vocation lovingly from God will never be breakable. As moms we must love our babies, children, teens, and adult children. There will be no greater love than this. Separation begins at conception but so does the undying, unconditional love that will bond you for a lifetime.

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