Support, July 3, 2018 Daily Reflection


The back of the chair is strong. It allows us to lean on it. It gives us posture and support. We trust that when we sit back in the chair we will not topple over.

The love of God is strong. God allows humanity to lean on and into God’s love. God gives our life posture and constant support. We trust that when we put our faith into God our lives will not topple over.

We need a place to fall into when we need rest. We need people to lean on and give us support. We need to be able to trust that those we love will help us pick up the pieces when our lives do topple over.

The love we experience with those people in our world is the love of God working in our lives. That love gives us what we need to be able to love others with that same strength, support, and trust. It’s all a cycle of love.

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