Take Notice, February 24, 2012 Daily Reflection


Today, take the time to notice the beauty in your life, the colors, the fragrances, the shapes and the light. Look at your spouse, slow down and look at him/her is he/she still beautiful to you? Take the time to sit down with your child or a friend and watch the colors of the sunset and its afterglow this evening. Notice the fragrance of your dinner cooking at home or out to eat, inhale it and enjoy the sensation. Watch for the shapes around you, your littlest baby or grandbaby with the fat chubby cheeks, your tall teenager growing taller than you daily, your mom or dad shrinking and how fragile their frames have become…notice the shapes. Open your eyes to the light, the sunrise, sunbeams; your spouse’s smile, your children’s laughter, your friend’s jokes, your sister’s hugs, your co-workers positive attitude, your maker’s gifts to you this day.

Today, take the time to notice the beauty in your life. It surrounds you but sometimes we forget to stop and pay attention. Today, take notice!

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