Temptations, November 3, 2011 Daily Reflection

The apple

Anna is holding a green apple with a leaf attached to the stem, a rare treasure for us. The apple looks so tempting to eat. It’s cool and smooth skin, knowing that the inside is tart and juicy.  But I wanted to preserve it until others could see the leaf. So I left it alone even though I really wanted to take a bite of it.

Such is life. We are surrounded by temptations of every shape and size. We know that we want the temptations. We realize they will bring us satisfaction and instant gratification. Our advertising firms play heavily on this fact in our culture. They want us to give in to our desires. Adam and Eve did and look where it got US today.

So why should we avoid temptation or maybe the question should be do we avoid temptation?

In our culture where everything is literally at your fingertips (through the internet) do we avoid temptation anymore? Or do we just buy and watch whatever we desire at any time of the day or night? What happened to the moral code of humanity? Just because temptations can now we obtained in the quiet of our homes does that make it right? We are human and we will be tempted by food, sex, and material possessions; that is a fact of being human. However, if we have learned what is morally or ethically right will we cross that line? Can you ever return once that line has been crossed?

I am a catholic woman and I have studied and learned of how, within the church, the pendulum has swung from ultra discipline through fear of Hell to ultra love by no longer talking about sin and only the forgiveness of God. Recently during a homily a priest said “Only 25% of Catholics attend Mass on Sundays.” Church is a place we can go to learn about morals and ethics. However, the seats are no longer full. Does that mean that no one is learning? I have heard that overall in different religions church attendance is down. Is it because people don’t want to listen to the word of God or because they want to live life their own way?

What do you personally do when you are tempted? Do you have the self discipline to think beyond your need for instant gratification? Or do you justify giving in? I have found that in with any temptations it is better not to put yourself in a situation where you will be tempted in the first place. If the temptation is unavoidable then I think of my family, my children, my future and my God. I want to do what is right but I fail constantly as well especially with the halloween candy! It is then that I seek forgiveness from God and those I hurt and try to rectify the hurt.

We are human; we will be tempted but we need to figure out how not to give in and eat that apple anyway. Like Adam and Eve experienced many temptations will just get you kicked out of Eden and haunt your descendants for a lifetime. Next time you are tempted think about how it will affect your family, children, life and eternity.

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