The Choice is yours, March 12, 2013 Daily Reflection

Pope John XXIII

“Be filled with hope and faith – do not be prophets of gloom.”

-Pope John XXIII

Each and every day of our lives we make choices. We choose to hit that snooze button a third time or to pull ourselves out of that warm and snuggly bed. We choose to be upset that we have to go to work or instead be grateful that we have a job to go to when so many are unemployed. We think our mood chooses us but ultimately we control our thoughts and in turn our actions.

God gave us himself as Jesus Christ and brought to the world hope and faith. No longer did we have to feel disconnected from an authoritarian God. Instead Jesus introduced us to “Abba” – daddy – our God of forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love and eternal hope.

Let us take what Jesus taught us and use it in our everyday lives. When we complain, gossip or whine we are prophets of doom. Instead today give to others as Christ gave to each one of us HOPE and FAITH. Choose to be positive, kind, encouraging and filled with hope.

The choice is yours every day. What will you choose today; to be filled with hope and faith or to be the prophet of gloom?

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