The Falling Snow, January 19, 2012 Daily Reflection

Watching the snow falling

With wonder, his eyes as big as saucers, a smile spread across he lips, he stood just watching as the snow fell gently to the ground and upon his nose; the wide eyed wonder of the little child in the snow.  As though the skies opened and a miracle was gently released little Ryan watched with amazement and in his happiness and glee soon he turned, ran and played cheering in the snow.

So many grumble with the onset of winter, the weather people roll up their sleeves and get excited with the possibility of accumulation so they will have more of the spotlight. The aging can feel it in their bones and their arthritis, the school teachers pray that snow days will give them a bit of much needed rest and the school bus drivers wait on edge wondering if they will have to drive on ice with the lives of so many children aboard. The children are glued to the news waiting for the announcement of school closings for the opportunity to go sledding and have winter fun. They are ready for their cheeks to be rosy and the heat of the hot chocolate to warm their tummies. The parents watch them as they slide down the hills and build the snowmen and are reminded of their childhood once more. But for the littlest ones with no knowledge or memory of the snow it is a miracle, a brand new creation, unexplained, bewildering and joyous to watch and behold. Little Ryan sees the snow and merely watches in his simple 2 year old innocence.

This winter instead of complaining about the snow and cold weather we should reach for that pure delight that Ryan just experienced. We should look out our windows and watch as the snowflakes paint a beautiful canvas across our normally mundane grass. We should step out the door and try to catch a snowflake on our tongue, look up to the heavens and watch how gracefully another one of God’s creations is released and gently falls to our existence. This winter let the innocence of your inner child take in the beauty of the falling snow.

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