The Flickering Flame, December 20 Daily Reflection

The Flame

The flame wanes and flickers for survival within the confines of the crystal candle holder. The breeze from the fan feeds the flame but it also threatens its existence if the breeze becomes too great. Just the right level of oxygen will maintain a steady flame on the wick that burns so slowly. Yet, if the flame is extinguished the candle can be lit once more for the wax is not yet gone only a bit depleted by all its use.

In our lives we are the wick of the candle our flame is lit by several sources of oxygen; our family, our friends, our God and our life’s true purpose. We often feel the fan that blows too hard threatening to extinguish our efforts of sharing our little light with the rest of the world. That fan comes in the disguise of negativity in our lives from our bosses expecting us to spend 80 hours a week working instead of being with our families, of the media that concentrate on all of the murders and mayhem in the world, instead of the enlightening findings, and of our doubts of our significance in this world. We fight those fans diligently daily however there are times when we just give in and suddenly our light has been not just diminished but extinguished. Wisely the next day we wake up and relight that flame once more.

God intended for your life to be lived, for your light to shine among others, so that you might light the way to Him and His glory through your thoughts, actions and love in your everyday life. We must resist the temptation to let that fan in our lives overwhelm us. We must hold at the core of our values, at the very tips of our tongues our purpose in life so that nothing may put out the flame. Our family, our children, our loved ones, our friends, our co workers, our neighbors, our community will feel the warmth of that little flame; they are moved by that light that we shine from within. You my friend make a difference in this world no matter how that fan blows you must fight to keep your light burning brightly. When it does diminish let the oxygen of all the love in your life aid in its growth once more for until all the wax is gone and your last breath has been drawn you have a new chance to relight it each and every day.

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