The Future December 9 Daily Reflection


Deeds Room

Visiting our County Clerk’s office Deed Room I was overwhelmed by all of the deed books on the shelves. In our modern age of technology we rarely see such artifacts except in libraries. We are so engrossed with the paperless way of life, email, texting, and scanning items. So to see such huge old books of deeds really took my breath away.

Then the thought crossed my mind we are all on paper, our names that we have signed for the deeds to our homes, real estate and business. I wondered how far back those deeds go what story they tell of the history of my town. What people have lived here, owned land and shops. Those books are filled with signatures of those who have gone before me those who have made my town what it is today the good and the bad. I am a part of that growing history, a bit daunting to think one day I will just be a signature in a book among thousands but at least I will be there and maybe hundreds of years from now those deed books will be looked at as a true artifact of our past existence.

What we do in the here and now in one way or another changes the future. How will you change the future? The simplest words and actions can change someone’s life for the better. Today, if only for a moment make a good and lasting change for the future.


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