Together, September 10, 2012 Daily Reflection

My beautiful lamp

The colors are different shades, the shapes are not alike but together the hues and pieces form a beautiful unity.

We raise our children by taking care of them, teaching them how to care for themselves. We love them and set the example by the way we live our lives. We teach them that they are unique; there is not another person on earth like them. We help to develop their talents and confidence.  We pray that they will take it out into the world with them as grown- ups.

There will be many unique people of different colors, shapes, sizes, abilities, talents and fortunes that will enter the grown up world with our children. I pray that my children will not simply stand alone but will join the others in a quest for goodness. I pray that they can stand on their own but they will be confident enough to join with others to unite and become beautiful like a mosaic piece of art.

Alone one may shine in the darkness but together we will light up the skies.

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