Tools for Life, July 24, 2018 Daily Reflection

My husband and my boys working together with tools

Tools are great for fixing things in life like cars, appliances, and broken things. The definition of a tool is a particular device to carry out a function. We have tools for lots of situations in our lives. Our tools for learning are vast; Google and our phones are one of the best ever created, books, lectures, youtube videos, schools, and classes just to name a few. Our tools for relationships are a little more abstract; patience, communication, listening skills, kindness, generosity, and love. Our tools for faith are spirituality, religions, Bible, books, prayers, meditation, trust, and others who are close to the divine.

Living a full and abundant life takes lots of tools. As we age if we listen, open our minds to learning, and open our hearts to love we will find all the tools we need for a life time.


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