Treasures, July 23, 2014 Daily Reflection


Waking UpWe wake up in the morning and begin our daily routine, what ever that routine may be, and we don’t think about the treasures of our day. We forget that we were blessed to sleep in a bed, under a roof, inside a house, we were able to eat breakfast and drive to a workplace, because we actually have a job, we usually eat a lunch and a dinner. Most days we have an evening routine after dinner, maybe we watch a little TV, go for a walk with a neighbor or hang out with our families. All the while we are not thinking about the treasures we have experienced all day long, not because we are ungrateful, but because we are accustomed to our lifestyle. It usually takes an accident, disease, job loss, or hard times to wake us up enough to appreciate our family, friends, house, meals, transportation and even our TV, computer and phone.

Today, this day stop what you are doing and think about your daily routine count all the treasures that you have experienced just today. Now, for the rest of the day pay attention to each moment that you feel is a treasure. Tonight, as you hug the person you love most good night, as you tuck your children or yourself into your warm bed Thank God that your stomach is full, your safe in your home and that you know God well enough to thank him for your treasures this day.

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