Tower of blocks, November 20, 2013 Daily Reflection


2013-11-15 19.59.08

Obviously the cousins were having a great time playing in the basement the other night. They were so proud of their blocks building. It is braced by the floor and the ceiling. However, it looks like it is about to snap. Ever feel like that?

It’s like you have a foundation holding you up and  a ceiling with pressure at the top keeping you in place but the blocks are about to slip out of place. At times the pressure is just too great and the blocks begin to bend.

Thank God I have Him as my foundation! We try to do too much in this American Culture, Type A, Overachiever, Goal Oriented; yep to all of the above which makes for lots of pressure. Luckily I have God to keep me grounded and my family to relieve the pressure and love me even when the blocks fall to the ground, which is just a matter of time under that much pressure.

Who is your foundation? What makes up your blocks (stress)? Who will catch you when you fall?

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