Holding a Baby, October 19, 2016 Daily Moment

Precious Baby

Precious Baby

This weekend I had the opportunity to hold one of my newest cousins. She is 4 weeks old, with tiny precious fingers and itty bitty toes. She nuzzled up against me all warm and snuggly. Her soft little head supported by the crook of my elbow. It felt so comfortable like home. It has been years  since I have held a baby that young.

Holding her brought back the feelings of holding my own babies. My youngest is 11 years old. That was long ago but a mom never forgets. As a mom our senses never forget the smell of a baby, the touch of their new soft skin, the sound of their breathing, and the sight of their tiny fingers and toes.

Babies bring out a sense of awe and wander in us all. They are the newest creations, the closest to the hands of God. When my children were young they believed that babies came from heaven. In a way they do because they are made by God and his amazing grace.


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