Transformation, May 11 Daily Reflection

Tulip blossom with the St. Louis Arch behind it.

Transformation is an active event. It is not something that randomly occurs. It is well thought out and with great effort is challenged. You cannot just wish for change and see the results. One must awake every morning and seize the day, the hour, the moment life has presented us with so generously. We must arise to the opportunity or just lay in our own self pity, turmoil and misery.

The choice is yours alone.

No one can change you. No one person can make you completely happy. Happiness is a result of actions but is always fleeting.

If we want to achieve greatness we must work towards that goal. If we want to make our lives positive we must make every negative thought positive. If we want to be a better person we must live that way or die trying.

No one can make you what you won’t allow. Control your destiny.

What do you want from this life?

What transformation do you seek this day? What change of heart, mind or soul?


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