Uncle Jeff, August 20, 2011 Saturday Tidbit

Anna & Uncle Jeff

That is my Anna and her Uncle Jeff, my big brother. As a child I grew up with an older sister and two older brothers. This one in the picture is my brother Jeff. I always adored Jeff. He could do no wrong. He played with the kids in the neighborhood, he listened to me, and we hung out together. Jeff was always so much fun and he still is today!  He is Anna’s godfather because I want her to know him like I did. Anna adores her Uncle Jeff because they are so similar to each other. They both love playing sports and drawing. She beams when she knows he will be at one of her soccer games or at her cross country meets or basketball games. She loves to see him sitting in the stands. She makes sure to bring her artwork when we get to see him. He always encourages her and supports her in her talents. I love my brother and now my daughter gets to experience it also.

Thanks Jeff for being such an awesome brother and a supportive Uncle. My kids love you!

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