The Unknown, October 9, 2016 Sunday Daily Reflection

Steps Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp 2016

Steps Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp 2016

Yesterday, I met a mom, that title has so much depth, meaning, compassion, and love. I met a mom  who answered her calling to be a mom, her children are in school and more independent than ever and now her heart and soul are churning. She is being called, not away from motherhood but in addition to it, by God to serve, using her gifts and talents for the good of the church. She is aware that there is a call and is actively attempting to discern it, but with a guarded fear that I recognize. She is a type A, 110%, all in person, who cannot give less to whatever she devotes her time and energy to. So, just like me 4 years ago before I started teaching, she fears that she will lose herself in this new calling and neglect her first vocation. Amazingly I am on the other side of her quandary!

I took the leap and while I felt torn and guilty about my changing role and identity, it was and still is a time of growth, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. My calling to motherhood will not be diminished by my loving God but reshaped by the new journey He calls me to. My husband and children are more responsible for the house, and their homework. They have learned to help one another more. I have learned to let things go that are not so important now (cleaning) but not the priorities like praying with my children every night.  I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and took that first blind step down and God has guided me through it all. After all, God was the one who called me, why would he let me fall?

I pray that the precious mom I was so blessed to spend time with, will allow God to guide her in this new calling. I pray that she will discern her path and trust that God will care for her and her family. I pray that she takes that first blind step that will lead her forward through God’s amazing grace.

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