We are the parents, February 1 Daily Reflection

Reading the Sunday comics

Sunday morning comics sprawled out across the breakfast table, he concentrates and then you hear it that little laugh under his breath. He didn’t need me to read them to him. He didn’t ask what did this mean mommy. Nope, he just sat there reading, amused and, content to be in that moment.

As moms this is a moment we strive for a time when our children can be content without our entertainment. It’s not that we want our children to do it all on the own all of the time but we as parents have a great responsibility to teach our children independence. The independence is not just making their own beds, tying their shoes or getting dressed, it is also finding out what they like, hobbies and interests and learning how to find contentment independent of others.

People think I am crazy because I choose to have 4 children and was blessed beyond measure that God granted me each and every little life I have been given responsibility over as a mom.  One of the biggest responsibilities as parents that we will ever have is to show our children how to love not just others but also yourself. That my friends can be an intimidating thought because our children learn by our example and we know as humans we fail miserably often. However, God knew before He gave us our child we would be capable of such love and responsibility. So daily we have to try to do our best. The most exciting part of that responsibility is that it means we can love our kids like crazy with hugs and praise and attention. We are the models. What we have to reflect upon is what are we modeling day in and day out for our children?

Today, really pay attention to what choices you make that your children see daily and consider if that will teach them independence and love.

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